Why do we choose steel furniture?

November 27, 2020

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Why do we choose steel furniture?


When choosing the right office furniture, which characteristics are the core of your choice?
Safety, availability, or price advantage?

Let us take a look at the advantages of steel office furniture.


Safety of steel furniture
Steel furniture use high grade cold rolled steel plate to press commonly and become, compare with traditional ligneous furniture, the respect such as sex of sex of fire prevention, firmness and environmental protection has remarkable advantage.The surface adopts the modern production technology of pickling phosphating, forming high hardness and strong colouring, so that it will not fall off or cause the surface depression due to the ordinary impact paint.Make steel furniture colour and lustre bright thereby, contracted atmosphere.At the same time, the traditional wooden furniture may have paint or glue smell long-term swing spread not to go, and steel production process to avoid the production of harmful gas is not conducive to health, so that the use of users more safe and environmentally friendly.


The practicality of steel furniture
Besides the receiving cabinet that steel office furniture often serves as file storage effect, still use at the locker in public environment more, store content ark, store bag ark to wait.In general, steel furniture replaces wooden furniture is big trend, compare wooden furniture, steel furniture is practical stronger, life is long, can repeat use, environmental protection is energy-saving, still can save a space about 20%.


The price advantage
Steel furniture series are light, simple, economical mobile storage equipment.They minimize the use of space with maximum storage efficiency, saving you money on rent.It is no exaggeration to say that the annual savings will allow you to buy a new set of "steel furniture combination".To the small-sized company that just started to a few, steel furniture has more long-term use cycle, style is not easy also outdated, can provide more receive leeway, let office environment be more contracted at the same time fashionable.