Electronic lockers must pay attention to the following aspects

October 14, 2022

Electronic lockers must pay attention to the following aspects

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1. Structural design: At present, according to the difference of locks and the difference of design and production process, the structure of electronic storage cabinets is divided into two types: with interlayer and without interlayer. Like supermarkets, it is suitable for non-interlayer electronic storage cabinets.


2. Humanized design: voice prompts when accessing; simple and easy-to-understand operation/management interface; administrator mode is convenient and safe.


3. Electricity safety: Safety is the most important issue when opening a business, because the electronic locker uses 220V external power. Once an electric leakage accident occurs, the consequences will be very serious. According to the requirements of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, products that have passed CCIB certification and Great Wall certification must also pass 3C certification. Since the intelligent electronic storage cabinet belongs to an emerging industry, the products are not yet within the scope of the national 3C compulsory certification catalogue. The electronic storage cabinets produced by all manufacturers have not undergone 3C compulsory certification, so if CE safety certification or related certificates can be provided, it can be regarded as safe. product.

latest company news about Electronic lockers must pay attention to the following aspects  1

4. Perfect after-sales service system: Well-known electronic locker manufacturers will establish their own perfect after-sales service system. Electronic storage cabinets require follow-up maintenance and maintenance. Perfect after-sales service can provide technical support when you encounter any problems.


5. Electromagnetic compatibility problems of electronic lockers: A large number of chips and integrated circuits are integrated on the main control board of electronic lockers, and the electromagnetic interference of effective impedance walkie-talkies and mobile phones is a strong guarantee for the normal operation of the lockers. Regarding electromagnetic compatibility, there are China electromagnetic compatibility certification EMC (part of 3C certification), CE electromagnetic compatibility certification (part of CE certification) and so on. The quality and performance of electronic lockers that have passed the electromagnetic compatibility certification are more guaranteed.


6. The copyright of the electronic locker software. At this stage, intellectual property rights are increasingly valued and protected by the state. The independent ownership of software copyrights by manufacturers is not only conducive to software upgrades and improved storage cabinet performance, but also provides protection for consumers to use products safely and stay away from legal disputes.