Safe furniture will become mainly trend

July 29, 2022

Latest company news about Safe furniture will become mainly trend

Safe furniture will become mainly trend


According to a survey report, in developed countries, the proportion of households owning fireproof safes reaches 90%, while in my country the proportion is less than 5%. %above. With the hot sales of safes in China, it also indicates that safes will become the main anti-theft "furniture" for families in the future.​​

In the past, traditional safes were mainly rectangular in shape, with nothing new in appearance, which was out of tune with the increasingly luxurious decoration of modern times. Therefore, in the design of modern safes, in addition to its own quality occupying a larger position, the appearance design has also become an important parameter that all safe manufacturers and consumers pay attention to. Home users have more demands on the appearance of safes than corporate users, and they are picky about shapes and colors.​​

A safe designed in the style of a bedside wooden cabinet, which is both humanized and secretive. The shape is a major requirement for furniture, and a safe with a better shape will be more popular.​​
In the future, personalized safe products may become a trend or a direction, with more and more novel shapes and more humane. Personalized safes should be able to change colors according to user needs, and provide users with a variety of shapes to choose from. For example, ultra-small concealable safes are very popular with home users.


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